A Brief Biography


 Peggy P Parsons, Author

        Born in Utah, Peggy published her first three books under the pseudonym of Evanell.  (www.evanell.com)
        She graduated from Orem High School, and attended Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.
        After working as a secretary, she moved into the oil and gas industry. When her husband had a chance to work in England, she happily retired from the business world.  Peggy has always loved to read and vowed to give the characters in her head their own written stories someday. While living in England, she wrote her first book, 750 pages which is still unpublished. She also served as both Treasurer and President of the American Women's Club of London and contributed articles to their London Bridge magazine. 
       In addition to Utah and England, she has lived in Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. She served as President of her golf club from 1999-2000, President of the Lady Putters 2006-07. Secretary of the Rhythm Tappers from 2008-10, President 2011-12, Treasurer 2012-13. 
          Peggy has three sons and eleven grandchildren, having lost a twelve year old grandson in 2000. Married to her current husband for thirty years, she also has four step children, plus three step grandchildren and best of all, 5 great grandchildren.
         Her hobbies are dancing--tap, jazz, clogging, and marching with the Jazzy Poms -- all part of the Rhythm Tappers in Sun City West who perform two shows on stage each year.  She also loves to golf, putt with the Ladies Putters, play Mah Jongg and have parties.