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Review of Glimpse of Forever by Love Romances



Jennifer Quinlane’s husband, Dirk, is dead. He was killed in a car accident days after their elopement. She has loved Dirk since they were children. Dirk remembered the past lives they had lived together. He gifts her with an opal that his guardian angel said would lead him to her. Years passed by and Jennifer heads to England.  Her friend, Kacy, traveled back in time, and Jennifer wishes she could do the same. Her wish is granted by an evil wizard, Sevil, and she trades places with Miranda. Drake finds her as she falls out of a tree. He believes her to be Miranda who is his betrothed.  Drake is similar in appearance to Dirk, and Jennifer starts to believe it is her dead husband.  Drake doesn’t believe Jennifer’s story about who she really is. However, this doesn’t prevent him from being attracted to her. They end up marrying, but will the past come back to haunt them? 

Jennifer is an intrepid female. She is spunky and intelligent. Although a little taken aback by her time travel, she fully embraces her second chance at love and life with Drake. Drake doesn’t remember his past lives with Jennifer, but there is something that pulls him to her. He hasn’t had a very good track record with women. His first wife was committing adultery with his brother and they perished together in a fire. He doesn’t want to fall in love and be at the mercy of another woman. Despite his determination not to, he does succumb and falls in love with her. Drake shows quite a lot of patience and understanding for a male of his time period. It was a welcome treat that he wasn’t an overbearing typical alpha male. 

Glimpse of Forever is a paranormal love story featuring time travel and reincarnation. Featuring two very likable characters, it is a well-written book with a complex story line. The author is able to pull all the story lines together into a coherent and fast paced story. The author does a good job in juxtaposing and developing the characters. Unlike many books that have dealt with the “reincarnation” theme, these characters deal with it positively, and once they accept it, they embrace it wholeheartedly.

Glimpse of Forever is a sequel to Glimpse of Eternity, which this reviewer hasn’t read.  It isn’t required to read the previous book to understand the events occurring in Glimpse of Forever. Although the previous leads, Kacy and Clay play a prominent role; it just makes this reviewer want to pick up their book. For lovers of the paranormal, Glimpse of Forever makes for a very entertaining read.

Reviewed by Susan October 2004
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